Kakamas Hydro


Project:                                   Kakamas Hydro

Location:                                Kakamas, Northern Cape

Scope:                                    10 MW Hydro-Electric Powerstation offtake, radial gate, 1.44m headrace canal, 
                                                 forebay intake conduit Powerhouse tailrace

Project Value:                         R 260 million

Duration:                                 21 months

Extent of Participation:         33% of project was subcontracted (Hydro Mechanical, Electrical, Telemetry
                                                and Transmission Line).  Remainder of project completed by CSV




 Recent Articles relating to the Kakamas Project (please click on the links below to read the articles):

 Small Plant, Big Challenges - Civil Engineering Contractor - Nov 2014 (Vol 48 No 11)





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